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    painter and decorators company Middlesex

    With regards to area size, Middlesex ranks second as the smallest county in England. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Middlesex was highly affected by the development of the cities in the area of London. Almost 20 percent of the land area and 3 percent of the population of Middlesex transferred to the County of London when the county councils were presented in England in 1889. The populace of the inner Middlesex and the county of London deteriorated with only the population in the outer suburbs skyrocketing upward. It is in the London Basin where Middlesex lies and the River Thames was the most important feature which also serves as the southern boundary. In the east and west part, the River Lea and the River Colne served as the natural border. Hertforshire and the edge of the hills formed the northern boundary. The old Forest of Middlesex covers mostly the county of Middlesex. The High Road by Bushey Heath that stands proud at 502 feet is now considered as one of the highest points in London.

    Middlesex Painters and decorators

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