Painters and decorators St Andrews

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    Painters and decorators St Andrews

    St Andrews is a small town on the eastern coast of Scotland and it has an estimated population of 18,000.  St Andrews is considered as the Ecclesiastical capital of Scotland.  The cathedral was also considered as the most important figure in Scotland during the medieval time.  Furthermore, St Andrews is also famous for being the Home of Golf and being the home of the Royal and Ancient.  This place is considered as one of the oldest Golf Clubs in the entire world.  There are several magnificent places to go to if you are here in St Andrews.  One of which is the University of St Andrews.  The university was founded during 1413 and is considered as one of the oldest universities in Scotland.  Today is quite a busy and bustling university have and estimated student population of 7,000.  The university is also famous being the school of the famous Prince William who had studied Art History at the university from 2001 – 2005.

    Painters and decorators St Andrews

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